About Phunchkin NFT Community

History of Phunchkin

The rebels and anarchists lacked the ability to follow the Munchkins’ rules. 

Phunchkins were immaculately conceived from their inability to conform to a ruler. The ruler MUNCHed at artistic expression, typography, and controlled comedy. It was a dark time. 

We refuse to return to the horrific torture that the Phunchkins endured. To escape tyrannical leaders, we encourage you to participate in the PHUNCHKINS way of life!

World of Phunchkin

Welcome to the wonderful world of PHUNCHKINS, we continue to fight against the horrific torture 😱😭 the fakemunchers 🤬 autocracy inflicted upon us for what felt like generations..😶‍🌫️ We want your artistic flair to run wild without rules or regulations.

Phunchkins reserves the right to veto ALL cards considered unfit, derogatory, copied or otherwise.

What it Means to be a Phunchkin

The PHUNCHKIN community is by the people for the people. The opportunity to use your artistic talents in whatever way you choose is encouraged. Each month a theme is agreed upon for the new series. The PHUNCHKINS then go off and create based on the theme, 1 submission per artist is accepted unless it is part of a collaboration. Each submission is then voted on by the community and the ones with the most votes will be accepted into the series.  

The spirit of collaboration is rife in the world of the PHUNCHKINS. It is strongly encouraged and collaborations are the only way to have 2 submissions in the same series. 

Each series also has a community collaboration, every month the community has the opportunity to join a special collaboration group which is closed after 2 days. Every artist in the group will collaborate on a project with a separate theme to the main series. Once the project is complete the asset will be minted and equally shared.

Where Do We Hang?

You will mainly find us hanging on Telegram, Instagram, Twitter & don’t forget to claim your free NFT from Discord.

Mini Phunchkins NFTs