Funding Your Freewallet With BTC & XCP

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Knowledge

Steps for funding your wallet with BTC:

1.  Open your freewallet and click the tab at the top right that reads “Address”.

freewallet address

2. Select “View Address” from the drop-down menu; a popup box will appear displaying a QR code with your wallet address underneath.  Copy the address and paste it into your funding source (e.g. exchange or other external wallet).

view freewallet address


NOTE: Maintain a minimum balance of 0.0005 BTC in your wallet (roughly $20 USD at time of writing). If you have less than 0.0005 BTC in your wallet, it is possible that you may receive an “insufficient funds” message when attempting a transaction.  For example, even if you have a 0.000420 BTC balance plus enough to cover the cost of a transaction fee, you may still be unable to complete a transaction due to an insufficient funds error.


Steps for funding your wallet with XCP:

1. Search for a “Verified Dispenser” in the Phunchkins Telegram; this information is posted on a daily basis.

find verified XCP dispenser

2. You will want to identify the cheapest active dispenser. Click on the dispenser links to determine if a dispenser is still active, as well as the “give remaining” (see next step). 

find cheapest XCP dispenser

3. When you click on a dispenser link, you will be taken to a page displaying the details for that specific dispenser. Make sure the “Status” reflects “Open” and confirm the “Give Remaining” amount. 

If there is sufficient give remaining (i.e. the give remaining is greater than or equal to the desired purchase amount), copy the address for that dispenser.

Open verified XCP dispenser

4. Go to your Free Wallet and open the “Dispenser” Tab at the top click on it and go to the blue cog on the right ‘Add Dispenser Watch List’

‘Add XCP Dispenser Watch List’

5. Paste the Dispenser address into the watchlist field and press enter/return. This Window will appear. Click OK.

Add XCP Watchlist

6. Click on status to organize by “Open & Closed” Dispensers. A list of open dispensers will appear with a green box that says ‘ Buy Now’


7. To complete the process click the ‘Buy Now’ box and enter the amount you’d like to purchase. Make the ‘Miner’s Fee’ HIGH PRIORITY and press the ‘Buy Now’ green button.  In several minutes the transaction will be complete.


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