CryptoVoxels Galleries from Renaissance City

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Knowledge


How to claim a FREE space in Voxels and get a FREE gallery from our Voxels partners Rennaisance City.

If you don’t have a space in Cryptovoxels, you can use Cryptovoxels Free Space to create your own gallery. You can create up to 420 spaces per Metamask wallet address.

If you’re not familiar with Cryptovoxels, Renaissance City will provide you with assistance and video instructions on how to upload your own artwork and customize your gallery at will.

CryptoVoxels galleries are NFTs that are airdropped to your Metamask wallet as an unlockable JSON file. You then upload the file to your Cryptovoxels Free Space, and voilá! You have your own gallery in the Metaverse to upload your art, curate and customize as you wish.

Choose which type of gallery you’d like, and drop WHOISIT a message on Telegram >> who will send you one of the galleries which have been donated for Counterparty assets by Rennaisance City.

Once you have customized, or populated your gallery with your art and information, post it to Twitter and tag @CityRenaissance and @phunchkins.

Rennaisance city are kindly in the process of curating a NFT Alley for Counterparty assets. So be sure to tag us in your creations as we are currently looking at how we can link those with galleries to the alley.

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