How To Get A Bitcoin Wallet Using

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Knowledge

Go to — download and install the appropriate desktop version for your computer. 

If you’re on a Mac, you will need to go into your security settings and allow the application to run.  Once this has been actioned you will be able to run the install as normal.


Once you have finished installing FREEWALLET, run the application and select “Create New Wallet.”


This will open up a box that holds your 12 word passphrase. This is shown in the black box below. WRITE THIS DOWN, KEEP THIS SAFE, NEVER EVER EVER SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE, NOR PASTE THIS INTO ANYWHERE OTHER THAN YOUR OWN FREEWALLET. Tick the box once you have written your password down somewhere SAFE & SECURE and press ok.


Once logged into your wallet, locate the address bar at the top right of the navigation section under ADDRESS ACTIONS, VIEW ADDRESS.  This will bring up the dialogue box shown below, which displays your new Counterparty enabled BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS.


**VERY IMPORTANT**  This is worth repeating.  Be sure to write down and/or save your private keys and passphrase.  You will use your passphrase to log into your wallet, and your private keys will be used to recover your wallet in a worst-case scenario (e.g. lost passphrase, technical issues, etc.).  

Also, please note that the wallet used in this tutorial is for demo purposes only, and you should utilize addresses from the wallet that you have installed.

CONGRATULATIONS — you are one step further to getting your Phunch on!!


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