Mint Your First XCP Asset

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Knowledge

Creating an OFFICIAL PHUNCHKINS asset consists of 2 main steps.

1. Creating your asset 

2. Submission to PHUNCHKINS 

Please note if you are looking to simply secure an asset name you can skip to the section “Use Freewallet Desktop or web wallet to create your asset”.

To create the media to bind to your asset go to  

1. Fill out the form with your asset info and images

2. Click Create Asset JSON

3. Update your XCP asset with ‘Change Asset Description’

in Freewallet or Counterwallet with the easy asset JSON URL

That’s it. Your XCP asset on will be customized and safe.

Use Freewallet Desktop or web wallet to create your asset 

From an address that has XCP (at least 0.5 XCP) and enough BTC to cover your TX fees ($50 will be enough) select the option to ‘Create an Asset’

Asset names should be between 4-12 characters long and must NOT begin with the letter’A’

Only issuers of a main asset are able to issue sub-assets.

Only LOCKED NON DIVISIBLE assets will be accepted as PHUNCHKINS submissions. WARNING an asset that is not minted as non divisible cannot be changed after the fact. 

You must set an amount of issuances for each asset you want to mint (for PHUNCHKINS it should be between 50-250 issuances). You don’t have to set your amount on the initial mint transaction, it can be done after but it will save you a TX fee if you already know the issuance amount.

You will also need to.

 • Check and/or correct the supply: You can’t add more once its been locked.

 • Lock the asset issuance: This lets everyone know the supply is now locked and it’s safe to trade the asset without danger of inflation of supply.

 • Set the right URL for the JSON file in the description of your asset.  A common misconception is that the description file is locked too, this remains editable by the asset issuer.

 2. Submission to PHUNCHKINS

You must bind your non-divisible asset prior to submitting it to the  PHUNCHPOLL.

Please utilise all the relevant fields so your asset may be assessed

 • Artist Name: This should  be the name as you wish to see it appear on the site.

 • Xchain URL: The Xchain URL that is attached to your asset. 

 • Your Card Image:

This should be the base image supplied as the image_large in your JSON file 

Your Twitter Handle: 

Where we can find you on Twitter 

 • Original Dank and SFW:

Your submission needs to be original, it needs to be dank, and it also needs to be suitable for work. Please tick the box to say you agree the work you have provided meets the above criteria. 

Then it’s just a case of waiting until the round of polls has closed. Good luck and thank you for joining the PHUNCH Fam. 


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