Series 1 CARD 27

Supply – 50

Twitter: DaBlockGod

Chupacabra Pepe or better known in these parts as PHUNCHYCABRA is no myth fren. Beware of all PHUNCHYCABRAS big or small as they will suck the Phunch out your soul. Preying on lettuce handed collectors, artist and the like, PHUNCHYCABRA will find a way to suck your Grails right from your wallet.  Beware for they only want to enrich themselves, they will pretend to say community but to only flip your work in the Frontier Lands of Centralized Market Places. Hold tight your creations and do not let them suck your Phunchy Soul. This NFT is accompanied by music from the greatest PunkRock Band from Santa Lucia Uruguay called Antilope. All Music rights retained by artist Antilope.

Band- Antilope

Album- Antilope

Song: No Pasa Nada en la ciudad


SIlvana Noya- Vocals

Felipe Garcia- Guitar, backup vocals

Sebastian Imoda- Guitar

Pablo Pedrazzi- Drums

Pablo Caceres- Bass, Backup Vocals