Series 2 CARD 30

Supply – 250

Twitter: Marina Tito

This token includes 3 random sub asset cards that will be airdropped. Each card will include a Cryptovoxel wearable Punky Monster Pet for your avatar.


Think you’ve never met a Punky Monster before? Think again.

Monsters exist in this world. You will find them behind every obnoxious human behavior. You may not be aware of it, but every time you come across pettiness, cynicism, bullying, coercion, intimidation, violence, fear-mongering, and many more, well, there is a monster behind it. But there was a great Monster Revolution.

It wasn’t that long ago that monsters seem to have entered a higher vibration. While older monsters continued celebrating their monstrosity, younger monsters started questioning their actions. Embarrassed by their legacy, the younger monsters rebelled in what came to be known as The Clash of the Monsters; the battle that started the revolution.

Although, this became the shortest of all revolutions ever, when a monster asked, “why did they all have to agree to do the same thing?” At which point, they all agreed to disagree, and celebrated in pubs all over the world.

Punky Monsters are “rebels in rehab”. They believe they can better the world by bettering themselves. By partnering with human beings, Punky Monsters intend to practice self-control, become good, contribute to the world, raise their vibrations, and of course, their humans’.


You may flip, trade, or bet Punky Monsters cards. But your Cryptovoxels Punky Monsters Pets have rights. You may NOT flip, trade or bet Punky Monsters Pets.

Such actions will be prosecuted in a Monster Court. You shall be declared guilty before legal procedures commence. Monsters shall hold a mockery court, to which you shall not be privy. All charges shall be accepted by a court-appointed temporary straw-Monster. You shall be brought to a high-security Monsters Prison, where you’ll spend the rest of your life tending after Monsters. They’re currently seeking dentists, with some experience in horn restoration, and beauticians specialized in full body blow-outs.

Project by:

Marina Tito

Lorenzo Di Alessandro